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Flat Oiler T-8K

Vertical Lift Guide Rail Lubricator T-13K

Direct Features

  • Oil is applied to the rail surface, maintaining the oil film at the necessary and most minimum amount. 300cc oil will last for more than a year.
  • Extra strong new material has been adopted in the friction part to contact the Guide rail; therefore, a product life of 2 years or more is achieved.
  • Oil adjustment is not necessary.

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Indirect Features

  • The need to ride on top of the elevator cabin for oiling has reduced greatly. This leads to the shortening of maintenance time and reduction of personnel.
  • The height of the case has been downsized to less than 1/3 the size of the conventional one. It is ideal for "elevators which have only limited space on top of the elevator cage.
  • It is suitable for “observation elevator” since there are no worries of oil scattering.
  • Remarkable effect is achieved especially in elevators in cold regions, since it is not influenced by viscosity change of the oil and the characteristic are maintained constant.
  • The conventional oiler which required frequent oil supply hindered the introduction of "remote monitoring system". However, with this installation, the problem can be solved.


String-like Oiling Device ES/GM

Direct Features

  • There are no worries of oiling deficiency.
  • There are no worries of oil drip and scattering.
  • You can expect longer operating life without trouble, since it does not touch the chain. 
  • It is possible to conduct automatic oiling, at the minimum required amount when necessary within a definite period.
  • It correspond to wide range of oil types, viscosity changes. 
  • It is economical, since one device can oil 8 places.  (Standard System)
  • Management is easy, since power source is electricity only

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